U 216 - U 530 Overview

Uniimog - U 216 - U 530

Getting the job done right - first time.

Only one commercial vehicle can accept any challenge and tackle it with the right end result, every time: the uniquely versatile Unimog U 216 - U 530 range. And what makes this professional implement-carrier over 7.5 tonne gross vehicle weight different from all other commercial trucks?

Versatility at its best.

The Unimog can be equipped for specialised and customised roles better than any other series-produced vehicle. It travels at normal truck speeds on roads – with a top speed of 56 mph – and then offers exceptional all-wheel drive off-road ability, leaving every tractor behind. And with its renowned engine power reserves, you can depend upon the Unimog’s reliability.

A professional for the professionals who demand outstanding performance combined with absolute cost-effectiveness for all-year-around operations.