Unimog Expertise


Unimog Expertise

Unimog design - unique in every way.

The Unimog is in a league of its own: designed solely to achieve maximum performance - 24 hours a day, every day. The Unimog is a true, long term partner to meet the highest targets of productivity, efficiency and cost-saving.

Chassis Expertise

Chassis Expertise

Tough and reliable on all terrain.

The Unimog gets men and machines direct to the working site quickly and effectively. The Unimog can be relied on to be out there working whatever the conditions, while other vehicles are confined to their depots.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog keeps on going no matter what the weather or ground conditions: severe storms, blizzards, heavy snow, deep mud, shifting sands, gravel or unstable ground. And every time the Unimog can carry heavy implement combinations and bodies.

The Unimog’s unique and world-beating chassis design means the maximum possible ground clearance and tipping stability. Superb traction allows the Unimog to tackle extreme angles of approach and departure, and climb over large obstacles without hindrance or risk. The 24 forward and 22 reverse gears, and ability to drive at speeds from as slow as 0.1 km/h, up to 89 km/h, ensure that the Unimog keeps moving. The Unimog produces the best possible engine performance just when it’s needed, even when carrying and operating a wide variety of implements and attachments, on or off road.

Solution Expertise

Solution Expertise

No compromises with the Unimog.

The Unimog means more of everything: more performance, more individuality, and more quality. To make sure we get this right, Mercedes-Benz Unimog works with a select group of leading international implement and body manufacturers with the specific aim of creating highly productive partnerships.

The result is that the entire vehicle solution development operation is geared towards customers’ individual and specialist needs. We are fully equipped to provide advice on a wide range of practically designed and built implements and bodies. And close teamwork delivers much more, including supply of spare parts at a moment’s notice, service and maintenance, and tailor-made financing and leasing packages.

Implement-carrying Expertise

Implment-carrying Expertise

Nothing is impossible.

The Unimog is purpose-designed to carry and operate implements and attachments, and its powerful diesel engine will do much more than drive the vehicle forward where others fear to tread. A range of power take-off points uses the engine’s power to drive an almost limitless number of tool and equipment. When conditions are too tough for normal four-wheel drive trucks or tractors, the Unimog’s outstanding implement-carrying expertise gets the jobs done.

The Unimog is the ideal solution for an array of different tasks and applications. It has the payload to carry and the power to drive equipment for an endless list of jobs, such as: mowing, cleaning with high-pressure equipment, maintaining energy networks, winter services with snow cutter or plough and gritter; construction, forestry, fire and rescue, and agriculture. And it is the ideal on and off road haulage vehicle – and as a road-railer the Unimog can even shunt up to 1,000 tonnes.

It’s the vehicle partner to rely on.

Disaster Intervention Expertise

Global Expertise

When every second counts.

As a disaster intervention vehicle the Unimog provides fast and effective support when every second counts to save lives and protect property. The Unimog is the ideal partner in times of fires, floods, storms and when tough reliability is a vital priority.

The Unimog can be ideally equipped to handle all types of worst case scenario. Quickly and safely the crew, plus its tools and equipment, can be transported direct to the emergency, where the Unimog will prove its unbeatable performance. Nationwide and worldwide, the Unimog is in action in a variety of applications: as a rescue and clean-up unit with crane, front-loader, water pumps, emergency generators or winches; with pressurised electrics to allow extended, deep wading in floods; or as an all-terrain fire engine, ambulance or communications control headquarters.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog – performance unrivalled when under pressure.