Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

Every single one of our genuine Mercedes Benz parts is subject to the same exacting standards as each Mercedes Benz vehicle that leaves our factory. The experience amassed from over a century of vehicle and parts manufacture is channelled into keeping all of the outstanding qualities of your vehicle as intact as possible: from its proverbial quality and proven standards of safety to its unfailing dependability - even hundreds of thousands of kilometres down the line. What’s more, the exceptional durability and outstanding value for money offered by our genuine parts makes them No. 1 for cost effectiveness too. 

Precisely defined manufacturer’s specifications, comprehensive checks and extensive tests guarantee that each and every genuine Mercedes Benz part complies with the very toughest quality standards and is always absolutely state of the art. And to ensure that our products remain truly matchless, they are protected with an unmistakable hologram packaging which is designed to safeguard your interests just as much as ours.

The sophisticated system of networking that exists between our global logistic centres is your guarantee that any genuine Mercedes Benz part can be delivered to your dealer as fast as possible. The package prices we offer for genuine Mercedes Benz parts also include fitting, resulting in transparent repair costs which you can calculate in advance. This enables us to ensure that your vehicle remains a true Mercedes Benz right down to the finest detail and is soon back in action ready to whisk you reliably to your destination at any time.

Even when a Mercedes Benz starts to age, the majority of its constituent parts are still far too good to be simply thrown on the scrap heap. Instead, the used components return to their place of origin where they are reconditioned by our experts to make them as good as new.

What this means for you is that you get a top-quality genuine part, but save as much as 50 percent on the price. And it is with a clear conscience that we can offer these genuine reconditioned parts with exactly the same warranty as new parts. After all, their quality and functionality are perfectly in keeping with the high standards demanded by Mercedes Benz.

No matter whether it’s a water pump, an alternator or a reconditioned engine – genuine reconditioned parts from Mercedes Benz promise supreme reliability at an attractive price and, not least, also help you to do your bit to protect the environment.

For older models particularly, used parts and part seconds represent a fair balance between cost and quality. Although these parts are priced to reflect the value of your vehicle, they nevertheless offer a reliable guarantee of continued mobility. The dependability of Mercedes Benz parts is, after all, not necessarily a question of age.

Thanks to the precision-run background logistic processes, Mercedes Benz constantly has over 340,000 parts in stock. Measuring 18,000 square metres in size, the Used Parts Centre is home to used spare parts and part seconds for virtually every passenger car, van and truck model series built since the 1980s.